455 Davis Street – Lower Level
P.O. Box 299
Hammond, WI  54015
PHONE: 715-796-2345
FAX:     715-796-5454
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Non-Emergency Dispatch: 715.684.2112
Emergency: 9-1-1
Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 7am-4:30pm Friday 8am-Noon

Chief of Police:

Rick Coltrain
Phone: 715-796-2345 (ext. 114)

Patrol Officers:

Phone: 715-796-2345 (ext. 115)

Cory Van Effen

715-796-2345 (ext. 119)



Ashley Jahns
Phone: 715-796-2345 (ext. 117)

Chief’s Welcome:

On behalf of the Hammond Police Department we are committed to providing you with the very best policing service possible. Our mission is to serve the needs of the community through pro-active law enforcement techniques in a responsible professional manner, using methods that reflect our rural, small town community atmosphere. Your support, input and cooperation enables us to maximize our community service and protection effectiveness. Our department has three full-time officers and one support staff. We handle an average of over 1,200 calls for service each year; these calls consist from felonies, misdemeanors, traffic, village ordinances cases and general public assistance.

Together we can make Hammond a safer and better place to live”

– Chief Rick Coltrain


Counteract Program:
Working together schools, families and law enforcement agencies serve as a source of support to encourage children to make healthy behavior choices. This program is taught through the prospective of law enforcement officers to help upper elementary students learn skills to resist pressure to use alcohol, tobacco or other drugs and to make positive choices.

Neighborhood Watch:
Would you like to help us make your neighborhood a safer and more peaceful place to live? In a prevention effort, the Hammond Police Department is looking for citizen volunteers to participate as Block Captains in the Neighborhood Watch Program. Police personnel will teach participants how to better recognize and report crime. If you are interested in becoming a Block Captain or joining Neighborhood Watch, please contact the Hammond Police Department at 715-796-2345.

Holiday Angels:
The Hammond Police Department has been active in promoting and participating in this Roberts-Hammond Community program (formerly named Toys for Children) which provides special holiday seasons for many, many local area children. We are a drop-off site for donations. For more information on Holiday Angels, please call 715-796-2345.

Project Child Safe (Free Gun Locks):
Firearm accidents can result from an unauthorized individual, often a child, finding a loaded and unsecured firearm in the home. This risk can be reduced when firearms owners are aware and fully understand their responsibility to handle firearms safely and store them in a secure manner. Hammond residents may obtain a gun lock, free of charge, by contacting the Police Department at 715-796-2345.

Medication Disposal:
The Hammond Police Department is a drop-off location (M-F 8am-4:30pm) for anyone who wants to dispose of old or unneeded prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications through the St. Croix County Medication Disposal Program. FREE TO ALL RESIDENTS. ANONYMOUS. Working together we can take action to reduce substance abuse, protect surface and groundwater and prevent children poisonings.

ACCEPTED ITEMS: Prescription and over-the-counter medications, vitamins, medicated liquids, inhalers, sprays and pet medication. Liquids, creams, gel, etc. can remain in their original container; remove name or label and put in plastic bags.

ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED: Sharps, oxygen tanks, nebulizers, radioactive cancer medications or mercury thermometers.

The Wisconsin Statewide VINE System is a service through which victims of crime can use the telephone or internet to search for information regarding the custody status of their offender and to register to receive telephone and email notification when the offender’s custody status changes. The VINE toll-free number for the WI Statewide VINE System is 888-944-8463. For more information CLICK HERE or stop at the Hammond Police Department for a brochure.


Who to call – How do I contact the Police Department?

Call 9-1-1 for crimes in progress and medical emergencies. The non-emergency dispatch number is 715-684-2112. The Hammond Police Department’s office is 715-796-2345.

How do I take care of a parking ticket or a citation?

For questions relating to your Court appearance, payment of fines, and matters pending before Municipal Court, please call the Court Clerk at 715-796-2345 (ext 129). Parking tickets and citations may be paid by mail or in person at the Police Department. (There is a drop box located at the Police Department for after-hours payments.)

You may pay online at www.officialpayments.com or call 1-800-272-9829 (option #3).
(Use Jurisdiction Code 6670) NOTE: A minimal fee will be charged by Official Payments.

How do I obtain a police report?

The Hammond Police Department operates under Wisconsin’s Open Records Laws. you can Call or stop at the Police Department to request a report. The review process usually takes 5-7 days; there is a $10.00 fee for the copy of a report.

Who do I call if my vehicle has been towed?

For information, you should call the Police Department 715-796-2345 or Day & Night Towing at 715-684-3359 or Dan’s Towing at 715-688-4869.

Should I report suspicious activity in my neighborhood?

YES. Your call to report crimes or suspicious activity is important. Prevention and solutions to crimes depend greatly on information provided by citizens. Information such as vehicle’s license plate number, color, make of vehicle or a person’s description (clothing, hair, build, etc.) are important. You may also email information/tips to our department at vohpolice@hammondwi.org

What are the night parking regulations?

No vehicles may be parked on any street in the Village of Hammond from November 1st to April 1st from 3:00am to 6:00am- Snow Ordinance. Under special circumstances, temporary overnight parking permission may be granted- call 715-796-2345 to request.

For additional parking restrictions, refer to Hammond’s Municipal Ordinances

What is the curfew for juveniles?
AGE                DAY                     CURFEW
15 & Under     All week               9:00pm – 6:00am
16 & 17           All week             11:00pm – 6:00am

Do I need to license my dog?

Yes, annually. Contact the Clerk’s office at 715-796-2727 for license information. Refer to Village Ordinances, Section 14 for additional information on animal ordinances.

Is it necessary to obtain a permit or prior permission for a recreational fire?

No, however your fire pit is to be approved by the Chief of Police and these rules must be followed:
* No larger than 3 feet in diameter surrounded with an enclosure of rock, brick, cement block or a similar material.
* Located no less than 15 feet from a property line and no less than 20 feet from any structure
* To be supervised by individual at least 16 years old and have some means of putting the fire out at hand.
* No rubbish or garbage to be burned.

What does the warning siren mean?

The Village of Hammond owns three outdoor warning sirens, which are used to notify the public of emergency events within the community or county. Sirens will be automatically activated by St Croix County Emergency Communications whenever a severe thunderstorm warning or tornado warning has been issued by the National Weather Service for St Croix County. persons who hear the siren should tune into TV or radio for more information regarding the reason for sire activation. DO NOT CALL 9-1-1. The sirens are tested the first Wednesday of every month at 11:00am.

What is a restraining order and how do i get one?

A restraining order is a court order that prohibits one person from having contact with another. Restraining orders are generally used when one person wants protection from another. CLICK HERE for more information on restraining orders and how to get one.

How do I inquire about found or seized property?

The Hammond Police Department may be holding found or seized property. Please contact Chief Coltrain to ensure that the requirements have been met for release at 715-796-2345.
Pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes 66.0139 and 968.20, unclaimed property is sold at

Where do I go information on the new Conceal Carry Gun Law?

For more information on the new Conceal Carry gun regulations, please access the Department of Justice site: www.doj.state.wi.us


You may CLICK HERE to view the Village of Hammond Ordinances in their entirety.


*Vehicle/Title Registration

*WI Dept. of Justice

*WI Circuit Court Records Access

*WI Division of Motor Vehicles

*WI Dept of Corrections Sex Offender Registry

*WI Dept of Justice WILENET